There are many places in the United States to purchase rare coins, and some are better than others. At Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries, our philosophy is based on knowledge of quality coins and their value. We make every effort to educate our customers about the rare coins they purchase. We know collecting rare coins is exciting — but the more you know about the coins you purchase, the more you will appreciate them and make smart buying decisions. Since Jeff Garrett has authored many books on the subject of coins and their value — many of which are considered the definitive work on the subject — it only makes sense that Mid-American is known for the best quality coins for the grade and price.

Jeff Garrett and Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries work with every client to select only the finest coins available. Our goal is to sell only coins that are attractive enough to repurchase in the future. We invite you to browse our “Reserve Selections” to see for yourself the coins that we believe represent the best value in the present and for the future. With Mid-American, you can be confident that our years of experience, vast numismatic knowledge and discerning eye for quality and value in rare coins will be the difference that ensures a successful investment.

The Mid-American Difference doesn’t stop when we sell you coins, when the time comes for you to cash in on your numismatic investments, Mid-American will work to ensure you get the most out of your investments. Click here to learn more about selling your valuable coins to our experts.