If you have a question that isn’t covered on this list, give us a call. We would be happy to provide any information we can about the numismatic industry.


When can I come to your office?

We go by appointment only. Our dealers travel frequently for trade shows, and we want to be sure we can assist you properly when you come to our office. Keep in mind because appointments are limited, we may recommend a different dealer who is a better option for the coins in your collection.

Do you sell hobby supplies?

No. We are a wholesale office. For hobby supplies we recommend Collectors Coin in Richmond, Kentucky or brooklyngalleries.com for online purchasing.

Do you sell coins in your office?

We do not sell coins to the public at our office. We are a wholesale dealer who sells to other dealers and at coin shows. We do have a sister store, sarasotanumismatics.com. You can shop online or in person if you are in the Sarasota, Florida area.

Do you grade coins?

The two largest grading companies in the United States are PCGS and NGC. We can give grading opinions based on how we think the coins would grade if submitted.

How do I know what I have?

If you’re unfamiliar with your collection we can give you guidance on the value of your holdings and how to liquidate them.

How much does it cost for you to look at my collection?

If you are considering the sale of your collection, the evaluation is free and you are under no obligation to accept our offer.

What is your specialty?

Jeff Garrett, our president and founder, is one of the leading United States Gold rare coin experts. Jeff has handled virtually every coin listed in the Official Redbook.

Do you buy all coins?

Not every collection or accumulation meets our needs. If we make an appointment to look at your collection, we will try to buy everything. We are most interested in gold coins, silver dollars, collections, and individual rare coins.

Not sure if you have those?

Give us a call at (859) 276-1551 and we would be happy to discuss your holdings

What is the process of selling my coins?

Its simple- you bring your coins in for a free cash offer, if you accept, we pay you on the spot.