If the price of gold has you wondering whether you should empty your safe deposit box, lock box or jewelry box for gold, or purchase gold for safekeeping, then “you owe it to yourself to understand how this market works.” This small hardbound and slipcased book by two coin experts explains gold’s importance in world economics throughout history, highlights the features of gold and why it is valuable, and tells what you need to know to buy gold or to cash in on it. It is easy to flip through, a quick read, and a handy and fun reference filled with illustrations and pullouts that make understanding the gold market easier. The book is timely and discusses the U.S.economic crisis in 2008 and its relationship to the skyrocketing price of gold. It is well illustrated with many unique gold coins, some jewelry and other photographs.

The pullouts are meant to be taken along for quick reference when buying or selling. Six pullouts are charts that highlight weights, features and / or values for gold coins, bullion, and jewelry or scrap gold. Another chart — not a pullout — lists common modern gold coins and their features. Two other pullouts are articles that the book did not have room for.

The book also includes a reading list, a copy of a 1933 executive order to turn over gold to the government, and postcard-size ads for gold coin books published by Whitman. Their books are promoted in the text as well. A section of frequently asked questions reviews some information, and a glossary (with a pullout) is included. A chapter on counterfeits highlights, in close-up photographs and text, how to avoid counterfeit and altered coins. There are constant reminders to do business with experts and reputable businesses with references. Contact information for professional numismatic organizations, world mints, central banks and agencies included.

Price: $12.95