1855-D Gold Dollar - Type 2 G$1 NGC AU58


PCGS Coin Number: 7534

Mintage: 1,811 The 1855-D issue ranks as one of the most popular gold dollars. It is very rare, with probably fewer than a hundred coins surviving. Although the average coin is struck fairly well for a branch-mint issue, nearly every example is weak in the central portions of the reverse. The authors have seen coins with the date nearly obscured. Very few coins are found with a full date; these are very rare. Die clashing is evident on nearly every coin found. A few also exist that have been used for jewelry in the past. The 1855-D gold dollar is one of the classic rarities of the series and is very desirable in any grade. The finest known examples are two NGC MS-64 coins from the fabulous Duke’s Creek Collection. One of these coins sold in January 2007 for $149,500.

This coin is a very lustrous coin and perfect for any collection of Dmint.

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