Value of Money Exhibit

In the Smithsonian Museum of American History; A vault door marks the entrance to the new Gallery of Numismatics and the inaugural exhibition, The Value of Money. This exhibit displays some of the most iconic and rare pieces of the National Numismatic Collection. You can see every thing ranging from 1804 Silver Dollars, to a 1907 Ultra High Relief $20, or a $100,000 Gold Certificate. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the origins of money, new monetary technologies, the political and cultural messages money conveys, numismatic art and design, and the practice of collecting money. Visitors will also discover links between American history and global histories of exchange, cultural interaction, political change, and innovation. This amazing exhibit showcases more than 400 objects from the National Numismatic Collection. If you are passionate about numismatics, you really need to visit this exhibit anytime you're near Washington, D.C.!