Quarter Eagles ($2.50 Gold Pieces)

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The History of Quarter Eagles ($2.50 Gold Pieces)

First authorized in 1792, the $2.50 gold piece (or quarter eagle) was issued between 1796 and 1929. Various designs were used over the years as follows:

  • Capped Bust to right (1796–1807)
  • Capped Bust to right, large size (1808 only)
  • Capped Head to left (1821–1834)
  • Classic Head, no motto on reverse (1834–1839)
  • Liberty or Coronet Head (1840–1907)
  • Indian Head (1908–1929)

In general, the earlier Capped Bust and Capped Head designs (pre-1834) are quite rare, especially in grades approaching Mint State. For many years, total annual mintage often amounted to well under 1,000 pieces! In fact, none of the pre-1834 dates saw a year where 7,000 or more quarter eagles were produced.

Beginning with the Classic Head design in 1834, mintages were greatly increased, allowing collectors of more modest means to collect complete series of quarter eagles. Still, many dates after 1834 are quite elusive. The Charlotte and Dahlonega Mint coins are often among the most challenging to find. Some of the low-mintage and especially difficult dates to find include:

  • 1841 — Issued in Proof only, with fewer than 20 pieces known today
  • 1854-S — Only 248 pieces struck during the San Francisco Mint’s opening year
  • 1855-D
  • 1856-D — Just 874 minted
  • 1864
  • 1865
  • 1875 — Just 400 minted

The Indian Head quarter eagle series is very popular with collectors of more modest means because a complete set requires only 15 dates / mints. Only the 1911-D is moderately rare in circulated grades. However, some Gem quality (MS-65 and higher) graded Indian Heads, such as the 1914 and 1914-D, can get fairly pricey.

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