Buying from Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries

Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries has offered rare coins of the finest quality and value to advanced collectors for more than 30 years. During that time, Jeff Garrett, founder and president of Mid-American, has handled nearly every classic U.S. numismatic rarity. His extensive background in numismatics has earned him many awards for his in-depth research and writing on numerous topics. For the last decade, he has consulted with the Smithsonian Institution, where he has studied, inventoried and graded most of the U.S. collection of rare gold, silver, nickel, copper coins, and has shared his vast knowledge with his colleagues at Mid-American. In short, Jeff and his team know coins!

Jeff personally selects every coin in our inventory, ensuring that it offers strong “eye appeal” and represents the best possible value for your collecting dollars. The majority of Mid-American’s business is wholesale, and our prices are the fairest in the business.

How to View and Buy Our Numismatic Coins

For your convenience, we offer a variety of ways to do business with us. If you live in the Lexington, Kentucky area, or any of the local Metropolitan area’s just call our office at    859-276-1551 to schedule an appointment. You can also view and purchase from a large selection of coins at the major coin shows we attend across the country throughout the year. And you can always browse our frequently updated "Reserve Selections" to find a wide selection of the finest numismatic coins available at extremely competitive prices. To buy a coin you see online, simply call our office at 859-276-1551 or Bob Harwell at 404-261-6565 .

Our Pledge to Our Customers

Since Jeff Garrett and Bob have been a members of the Professional Numismatists Guild for more than 25 years. We and all employees fully subscribe to the PNG Collector’s Bill of Rights, which sets the standard for honesty in numismatic transactions. As stipulated in this bill of rights, Mid-American pledges to:

  1. Not misrepresent rarity, value or quality of items sold.
  2. Not use high-pressure sales tactics.
  3. Never knowingly buy or sell stolen items, and assist authorities in the recovery of such items.
  4. Not sell counterfeit, altered or repaired items without full disclosure to the buyer.
  5. Not misrepresent the investment potential of items being sold.
  6. Pay reasonable prices and pay promptly for items purchased from clients.
  7. Promptly deliver items sold to clients.
  8. Do our best to educate our clients or direct them to resources.
  9. Give research and information to clients about items they purchase or inquire about, when requested.
  10. Submit to PNG arbitration in any unresolved dispute and abide by the arbitrator’s decision.

To further ensure your confidence when buying, unless otherwise agreed on, Mid-American offers a full, unconditional 30-day return privilege for all purchases and a lifetime return privilege for reasons involving matters of authenticity.